Camila Cabello was on The Tonight Show and I want to point out her Gucci blazer because I’ve seen it three times this week on different celebrities and I think we will see it several times more in the coming months. It’s the kind of jacket you can wear with shorts, jeans, over a dress or even with sweatpants. 


If Brie Larson uses the “family” caption for every post going forward and heavily leans into the Fast & Furious tone I will be… super into it. Honestly I love it, this is exactly the kind of kooky sh-t an Oscar winner should be doing because it’s fun. We know Brie can act, she has nothing to prove. And shouldn’t being a movie star be a little bit fun? Because Marvel stars don’t make it look very fun and that’s not the actors’ fault. They are constantly on the defensive because of a subsection of the fanbase.


Oh this is the content I want: Simon Cowell said he went so far with fillers it left his eight-year-old son in “hysterics.” (Not that I want his child to be in hysterics, but this is something people rarely talk about.) Simon is on TV regularly in both the UK and the US and I can completely see how a little touch up could get out of hand. When you are in the chair, you trust the opinion of the person holding the needle and there’s a dermatologist who did him dirty. The good news is fillers can be dissolved. 


Killing Eve ended with a whimper and a lot of unhappy fans. I haven’t watched the ending but did read a very spoiler-y review that didn’t clear up anything for me because the writer called the ending “unexpected” but also said it was cliché. I think this show suffered from having three showrunners in four seasons.

Al Pacino (81) was photographed on what appears to be a date with a 28-year-old woman (her name is Noor Alfallah and she once dated Mick Jagger) per Page Six. Who does he think he is, Leonardo DiCaprio?! I’m just kidding. We all know Leo doesn’t go over 25. (Fun fact: Camila Morrone’s mother dated Al for several years and she refers to him as her stepdad.)


I haven’t watched The Dropout yet because my parents want to and so I’m saving it, but this dance has been haunting me for days. I can’t wait to see this in context because even in a short Twitter clip, it explains so much about both of these characters.