Honestly Reese Witherspoon is so good at her job. What A-lister can get divorced and move past it so quickly. I barely remember and I wrote about it.


Yesterday Lainey wrote about Millie Bobby Brown and Bon Jovi Jr.’s engagement and I agree, it’s pretty cute. Yes they are young but in Millie’s case, when you have been treated like an adult for years, with all of the financial and job responsibilities of an adult on top of the crush of fame, who gets to decide if she is “too young.” We can’t apply the same milestones to a child celebrity and really, she’s actually keeping up a longstanding tradition. Drew Barrymore, Macaulay Culkin, Olivia Wilde, Janet Jackson, Solange – all of these people were married by the time they were 20. 


It feels like Scandoval has been happening for years but it’s only been a month-ish. Here is how the dummies (Tom and Raquel) f-cked up the bag: she gave a pap interview before the reunion filmed. Big mistake. Huge. And this week Tom went on the Howie Mandel podcast and it’s as random as it sounds because Tom gave his side of the story to a confused Howie, who does not watch the show or know who anyone is. Again, huge mistake. This is how you piss off the production company and Bravo. Andy Cohen is making his irritation known. If you want to tell your side, you kiss the ring on WWHL. That’s their ecosystem. (Ariana has secured her bag, spoken very little publicly and will reportedly be on Dancing With the Stars.)


There’s timely magazine covers and then there’s this. It’s impossible not to see Succession storylines in every real-life move they make. 


Yesterday Stephanie wrote about JLo’s off-brand alcohol venture and as she mentioned, JLo has a lot of businesses. One endorsement that’s been fruitful is her deal with Coach and the Mother’s Day ad fits. JLo seems like a great mom and she is very close with her mother Lupe. 


I have to give it up to Rita Ora, no one has given more face for one French fry.