Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi have been together since 2021, when she was 17 and he was 19. Jake’s father is Jon Bon Jovi which you would know even if you didn’t know his name because he looks so much like his dad. Millie and Jake show up frequently on each other’s social media accounts and they’re pretty adorable together – they’re not papped every day together, they’re not super thirsty for attention but they also don’t seem super precious about their privacy. And now, it would appear, they are engaged. 


No official confirmation but there’s a ring and coordinated Instagram posts and a beach setting and they’re both wearing white and maybe some tears so… 


Millie just turned 19. Jake turns 21 in May. This is first love. So it’s pure and innocent, most of us have been there, probably. At this point in life, it feels enormous, it feels like the ocean, vast and constant. When they say forever, they mean it, they believe it, they believe it hard. What then is the point of being old and skeptical here? I know I wasn’t listening to the old skeptics when I was their age. But also, if you’re familiar with the Bon Jovi family, you probably know that Jon and Dorothea have been together since high school and that’s the environment Jake would have been raised in. His model for marriage is his parents who’ve made it through BIG fame in the 80s and several decades to follow. 

Millie and Jake are young, they’re deeply, DEEPLY in love, and there’s an appeal to young love, I think, in the same way that books and shows and movies about young love are appealing to people who are way past it. Nostalgia has a lot to do with it. And projection. Because, again, even though they’re celebrities, most can relate here to that intensity and the sweetness happening here. They’re just so f-cking cute!