There’s conscious uncoupling and then there’s Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry getting together on Instagram Live to promote Miranda Kerr’s skin line, Kora Organics. This is a big show of support and driven completely by their relationship because it’s not like Katy has a stake in whether or not Miranda’s finances are solid or vice versa, as both women have done very well for themselves (both definitely have more money than Orlando Bloom). What can we call this – capitalist conscious uncoupling? Consumer conscious uncoupling? And this wasn’t a quick Instagram post, it’s 30 minutes long. This took planning and a commitment. Katy wore the robe that Miranda bought her for Christmas. 


The Hills: New Beginnings latest trailer has dropped and even though the first season was a soggy piece of bread, this trailer is going to sucker me right back in. A big part of this is the cinematography and music score, the way it is all edited together to create this magical tension where there is only an empty shell (Brody Jenner). These people are not friends in real life, have no relationship to one another and the end of the original series made it quite clear that the entire show is a Truman Show-esque version of reality TV in Los Angeles. None of that will stop me from watching it. 


This morning Sarah wrote about the new trailer for Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard. This got me thinking about Spy and I had to look up the box office for them both because why would Hitman’s Bodyguard get a sequel and not Spy? Spy earned $232 million worldwide (Hitman’s Bodyguard made $176 million) and this Forbes piece points out that the Spy box office is notable because it showed that a women-led film could do well outside of America, something that had been doubted. And if we are talking star power, I think Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham can get butts in seats. 


Catherine Zeta-Jones was on the The Today Show and confirmed that Dylan and Carys (her children with Michael Douglas) will pursue acting careers. Their children have the luxury of deciding when and how they start to work, and all the advice and connections they will need. Catherine said Michael has encouraged them to try other vocations but he probably understands more than anyone the lure of the family business. 

This tour of Naomi Campbell’s Kenyan retreat is a must-watch – the architecture and landscape are stunning and Naomi is so deliberate in all her choices. She talks about embracing where she is and not trying to turn it into something else; why would she go to Kenya and built a Los Angeles-style mansion? And she says she doesn’t like air conditioning because she believes it causes wrinkles. I can only sleep in a very chilly room and her observation has me shook.


Bridgerton’s second season was not in doubt and Netflix giving the go-ahead for seasons three and four isn’t really a surprise either. I think when the dust settles on Netflix’s showrunner spending spree, Shonda Rhimes will be the one that stands out as money well spent.