This week, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are on the cover of Us Weekly, which tells me the magazine is short on content. This is the kind of cover tabloids hold for a slow week. There is no way that Ryan and Eva’s friends are selling them out to Us Weekly after all these years – remember, she hid two pregnancies while living in LA. And the headline - “No ring after 9 years!” I didn’t know they aren’t married and if they were, it wouldn’t surprise me. Either way, they are not a couple who wants to be on the cover of any magazine. The Gosling/Mendes family falls under the “don’t start none won’t be none” rule of drama: they don’t court it and they don’t attract it. 


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Ellen DeGeneres is on a bad run of press – the latest is her “this is like being in jail” comments. Did her luck change with Dakota Johnson? I think it did. Dakota sat down on that couch and the molecules around Ellen changed. It was a watershed moment on social media… but Twitter is not real life. What people think of her online does not align with what people who watch her show think of her.

Still, she’s not immune to the chatter. She knows. And I wonder what her celebrity friends think of it, the ones she goes to over and over (like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston). Do they notice when Ellen doesn’t allow her staff to look her in the eye? 


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Lance Bass was on WWHL (he’s part of the Bravo-verse now, as a secondary character) and said that *NSYNC does a group happy hour on Zoom once a week. Yes, JT attends. As we know, everyone loved (and mocked) the Backstreet Boys participation in the iHeart Living Room Concert for America, but this is totally different. Justin Timberlake would never. I wonder if he’s going to get pissy that Lance told people he Zooms with them. 


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This morning Lainey wrote about Naomi Campbell’s YouTube session with Cindy Crawford, and today her guest is Nicole Richie. Nicole is great in situations like this.

Who else do you want Naomi to interview? My picks are Kate Moss (because she rarely does interviews, but would for Naomi) and Tyra Banks. Remember when Naomi was on the Tyra Banks Show? All-time classic episode of TV. Period. 


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Lindsay Lohan has a captive audience and still the response to her umpteenth comeback has been quiet. One problem with Lindsay is that she is not strategic in her approach to work. Here’s an example: on every season of Housewives, the cast takes a trip. This season, the Real Housewives of Atlanta (a highly rated franchise) went to Greece and visited Lohan Beach House. The episodes aired in March. Housewives fans, and fan accounts, are voracious. They would have made a huge deal if Lindsay appeared. But the cast visited and she wasn’t there. Why???? What else could she possibly have been doing? It would have been brilliant cross-promotion and instead, it was a wasted opportunity. And it’s not a contractual issue – they mentioned Lindsay by name and showed signage of the Beach House. Bravo was willing to play…why wasn’t the other side?


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