Are raves, after-hours clubs, and bottle service going extinct because of wellness culture? This piece in Dazed examines how 20-somethings are trading in cheap tequila shots for kombucha on tap


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In the last 5 years, the lifestyle conversation has been filtered through a wellness lens – calmer, less stressed, more “in touch” with food, with our feelings, with one another. Taffy Brodesser-Akner, who thrives on chaotic energy, wrote about rejecting those ideals for Real Simple. Chaos is not for everyone, of course, but if the point of wellness is to increase mindfulness and presence, what happens to those who thrive when they are scattered? What about the rare types who are more efficient when stressed? What about the multitaskers?


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Drew Barrymore is finishing off her annual Beauty Week posts, and this one is interesting: mosquitos. I too always say “mosquitos love me,” but I’m not sure if they just love everyone? I don’t know how discerning mosquitos are. August feels like mosquito season and Drew says she has found the best balm for the aftermath. 


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Dogs don’t morph into their humans, humans morph into their dogs. 


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Getting stung by a bee hurts like f-ck, but I’ve come up with a (totally unsupported) theory that Katherine Schwarzenegger doesn’t curse. So how would she react to a bee sting? Does she yell out “son of a gun” or “fudge nuggets?” When she’s really, really upset, is it “banana shenanigans!”


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Josh Lucas says he would be up for a Sweet Home Alabama sequel. It’s probably one of his biggest movies, right? The barrier here is probably Reese’s schedule, because it’s jam-packed. In early talks with the director, Josh says that in present day, Melanie and Jake are divorced; she lives in New York and he lives in Alabama and they share custody of their children. I’d be into this. I’d also be into a fish-out-of-water plotline, with Jake living in New York. Or Jake and Melanie having to move to LA for some reason. Sweet Home California. 


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Will these two make it Insta-official already. 


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