Nothing beats a celebrity airport sighting because it’s when people are in their rawest state. No one is faking anything when they are penned in with hundreds of other people waiting to go into a sky tube. And it’s Seth and Summer, looking pretty much the same as they did 12 years ago. 


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Look, I tried to warn everyone about the summer of Diplo. Now everyone is thirsting over these Calvin Klein ads so please don’t be surprised. 


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After Lainey mentioned it, I took the “Tell Us Your Pet Peeve and We’ll Guess Which Celebrity You Hate” and I got The Chainsmokers. I’ve never really paid attention to them but after looking through their Instagram, the quiz might be right.


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Selena Gomez’s team has filed a trademark for cosmetics, perfumes, essential oils, body care, skin care, and more (see the full list here) under her name. Right now, Kendall Jenner, Beyonce (via Blue Ivy) and Hailey Baldwin all seem to be in the same development space– they’ve filed for the patent and are presumably testing products and working on a marketing plan. We know there’s already an abundance of options, from Goop, Fenty Beauty, Honest (Jessica Alba) and Miranda Kerr. Lady Gaga recently launched a line and Victoria Beckham is about to do the same. For those of us who lived through the early aughts celebrity clothing line craze, this feels familiar. It seemed like everyone had some kind of t-shirt or denim brand. Remember when Avril Lavigne showed at New York Fashion Week? Abbey Dawn still exists!


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Our site managear Emily sent me this photo of Tom Cruise and I haven’t seen Jack Reacher. From Wiki, this line stuck out to me: “Reacher is a drifter and former U.S. Army Military Police Corps officer.” This tells me everything I need to know. 


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Texas Forever, obviously. Landry forever, too. But here is something deeply upsetting to consider: would FNL, as a series, make it in today’s political climate? The show did deal with all of the contentious issues (like abortion) but with nuance and heart. Is there still room for nuance? Would it be possible for Dillon, Texas to exist as we knew it, or would Buddy Garrity and Coach have a falling out over the wall?


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