(UPDATE: It looks like the Ana de Armas Updates Twitter account has been suspended so unfortunately, the first two posts below are no longer available)

This morning, Lainey wrote about the BenAna bike and I have something to add to the Chris Evans discourse (catch up here on the like/unlike bit). As mentioned, I have a friend who’s majorly hot for him and recently watched a lot of the press for Knives Out and she thinks that Chris seemed… annoyed by Ana. “Exasperated” was the word used. So what if he was creeping on an ex co-worker (which we’ve all done) and accidentally hit the like button and then thought “nah, I don’t want them to think I’m liking their photo because she took the last mango yogurt from craft services even though she knows I don’t eat the vanilla.” Pettiness has no tax bracket. 


Fake movie trailers are the best because after years of watching them, we know every beat, every trick, every cue and still it’s delightful. “Have you ever wondered about this particular thing?” with a studio vanity card and a few rhetorical questions and we are sold. This version is three years old but went viral on Twitter this weekend because it holds up better than most movies. I can picture several different movie stars running down a crowded street looking for someone or something while the chorus soars. 

OK wait a second… why does the watermelon taste like strawberry? 


Last week Lainey wrote about the Ryan Reynolds profile in Fast Company and while that profile was in the works, Ryan was also closing a huge deal: Aviation Gin has been acquired by beverage brand Diageo (the same company behind the Casamigos sale) for $335 million and a possible long-term payout of $275 million based on sales targets (source). With a brand like Aviation, the goal is usually acquisition, not to run it forever as a mid-size company. Besides that, Ryan is again asking people to stay home (he’s been very pro-mask) because British Columbia (where Ryan grew up) has seen a spike in cases in a younger demographic (20-29 year-olds). At the behest of the premier John Horgan, Ryan recorded a message asking young people not to kill his mom. I also live in British Columbia and would prefer not to die because someone wanted to crush White Claws on a house boat. 

Seth Rogen took a different approach to the British Columbia premier’s request asking local movie stars to influence the youth: Seth said everyone should stay home and smoke weed, which is perennial advice from him. 


JT and Jessica Biel still haven’t confirmed or denied the baby news, which again proves that when any celebrity wants to keep something private, they usually can. Their restraint (if it is indeed restraint), not usually a word I associate with Justin, has been interesting.

The Ramsays and the Beckhams are long-time family friends and hung out this weekend in the country. Oscar, the youngest Ramsay, is a chunky monkey and sooooooo cute. Harper isn’t the baby of the group anymore and probably played babysitter all weekend, she looks besotted by him. This morning, Lainey wrote about the Turnip Toffs gossip and while we know the Ramsays and Beckhams are rich and famous, they are not aristocrats. To the real blue bloods, they are downright working class and could never be accepted into upper-crust society (unless they maybe married into it). But gossip flows every which way and the Beckhams were invited to both royal weddings – do you think they heard about William and Rose’s possible garden sessions? Are they scandalized by it? Is gossiping about royals as fun for them as gossiping about celebrities is for us?