The return of the Flossy Posse! (I don’t think this is a real poster though.)  

I’m so into my new Obsession, Henry Golding and Liv Lo, that I’ve been neglecting my original Obsession, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. They’ll be at TIFF in a couple of weeks for A Million Little Pieces. In the meantime, Aaron is in construction. 

The Peter Kavinsky problem is EVERYONE’s problem. 

Shailene Woodley is in love. DEEP. She’s put together a love collage. And there’s some French-talking with wine and food. Two glasses. So she’s not alone, probably. But if her boyfriend wasn’t there, it’s also a classic “I miss you, lover…or do I?” thirst trap. 


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This is facts: sometimes the best food really is from some lady’s garage. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to drive my ma to a random house somewhere and we’ll go down into the dude’s basement and that’s where we get the best mushrooms, the non-psychedelic kind. 


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It’s been 10 years since Lady Gaga’s The Fame. And this fall she may become a Best Actress contender. 

Mimi was in a really great mood last night. A great mood = is a skinny mood. With excellent lighting. Is she sipping coffee or tea? I’m going with tea. And I’m going to stretch here and posit that the tea is about Nicki Minaj, who’s album and tour rollout have been a mess. Mimi would enjoy that. 


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OK. The “In My Feelings” challenge is ohhhh-verrrrrr. BUT. I have never been able to make my ass move like this broad. Ever.