Off the top, it’s baby news from Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom: Daisy Dove Bloom. I guessed Daisy as a name back in May, but I can’t even brag about it because it was pretty obvious. I do want to talk about the announcement, which dropped on UNICEF’s Instagram account with a statement about the need for pre- and post-natal healthcare for mom and baby in communities around the world. It is not the glossy and glowy view of new motherhood that is often presented on social media; it is literally life or death. For this, I love Katy and Orlando’s strategy. There’s been a lot of coverage about her pregnancy, she did the photoshoot for PEOPLE and the interviews, and she turned the big reveal away from herself and onto something else. I really think this could set a new standard for baby announcements going forward.


Nicole Richie’s Quibi show has a second season and she’s dropping an album to go along with it. I really enjoy Nicole but, um, who is checking on Quibi shows right now? And who is checking on her satirical album? I really don’t know!

Quibi has gone from “quick bites” to a drive-in theatre for a screening of The Stranger. It’s a great marketing ploy – getting back to the movies safely – but does it line up with the whole 10-minute mobile TV shows thing? Quibi is an agent of chaos. 


Tom Cruise Goes To The Movies! is going to live on social media for a long, long time. Meanwhile, his daughter Bella posted a selfie and this is news because Bella and Connor are SO private. Her Instagram name is listed as “Bella Kidman Cruise” which gives me some kind of hope that she has a relationship with her mum. Just did some mental math (not my strongest point) and Isabella would have been about eight or nine when her parents split and her brother around six. Suri Cruise was eight when her mom pulled off the great escape. I have a theory that some couples (not just famous ones) can’t survive the elementary years of parenthood as a couple – maybe this is Tom? Maybe the grind of school lunches and soccer practice and routine (kind of essential at that age) impedes his need for speed.


Being a basic bitch, I go for brunch at Pastis whenever I got to New York (I love their eggs, OK?) and Martha Stewart recently stopped in for dinner and to support the restaurant industry devastated by COVID-19. But only Martha can pivot from pandemic to profiteroles without skipping a beat. It’s a WASP superpower. 

Yesterday Lainey posted about Beyoncé and family in the Hamptons, where they hung out with Jack Dorsey from Twitter. GP is in the Hamptons, it’s usually where she summers. Do you think B pencils her in? They used to be tight but Beyoncé hasn’t publicly acknowledged her in a couple of years. We know Bey picks her photos and shout-outs with great care and G hasn’t made the cut in a long time. On the one hand, I can see things cooling. On the other hand, GP would be a loyal and discreet friend, even without the NDA.

Smoking is bad and terrible and awful, of course, we all know that. I’m not saying that Stacy London looks cool smoking but the combination of this haircut and the Tube pass and it being 1985 is hot sh-t. It’s like Rob Lowe in his “Toronto!” shirt - bratty sex appeal. The 80s are exempt from the no smoking rule.