This is not the first time Victoria Beckham has covertly filmed David singing at Christmas (remember when he sarcastically called her “Adele”?) but with the hair and glasses and OK voice, David could be a former boy bander. With his personality and looks, that would make a lot of sense actually. But instead of being a pop star, he married a pop star. He absolutely gets a kick out of being married to a Spice Girl.


Christina Hall has once again posted about why she will not post her son Hudson’s face – it’s not because there’s a court order but it’s so Instagram can’t be used against her. She says it’s about being controlled by her ex Ant Anstead, who still posts pictures of their son. Ant says that it’s not about the pictures, but about her manipulating the narrative and monetizing their child in sponsored content ads. As Stephanie wrote in her piece about reality TV child stars, a reckoning is coming. Lawsuits against parent Instagram influencers are starting to gain steam. The protections in place for children who work in TV or film (like tutors, labour laws and financial oversite) don’t necessarily extend to reality TV and definitely not to making hours of TikToks and Instagram 
Reels – it’s a very grey area. And when there’s greyness and money to be made in entertainment, the person with the least amount of power and agency has historically been exploited.


The Danny Masterson rape trial, which hasn’t received a lot of coverage, has ended in a mistrial. Deadline is reporting a retrial date has been set. Leah Remini’s work continues.


Jaden Smith has Buzz Lightyear amounts of love for women. 

The GMA scandal is so juicy even other celebrities are noticing. Workplace f-cking is next-level dramatic. And these two were training for a marathon? Maniacal. 


I would never, EVER take ramen advice from Chelsea Handler. Watching this video did not change my mind.