There’s a new promo out for Dr. Dolittle. It still looks absolutely bonkers, but at least RDJ gets to do his charming-rogue thing here. Post-Iron Man, this RDJ is very familiar. This week, Sarah wrote about Ryan Reynold’s schtick and I feel the same way about RDJ. He created an empire around Tony Stark, so obviously it’s part of him and vice versa, but the downside is this feels like Iron Man with animals. Or maybe that’s not a downside for a potential audience. (Also, the bronzer situation is out of control!)


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An Angelina Jolie sighting on the ‘gram? Extremely rare. 


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Victoria Beckham answered a bunch of questions in the third person, and to me the most interesting one is her role as dog grandmother.

The Beckhams have one dog, Olive, but Brooklyn also has a dog, Fig, and they are always dog-sitting for him. This makes complete sense, considering he’s 20 years old. Do you think they lecture him on the responsibilities of dog parenting? 


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At my house, outdoor decorations have a 50/50 chance of making it through the season and we buy accordingly. If a wreath gets lifted, it’s an inconvenience, and I would definitely tell all my friends, but I wouldn’t call the “popo.” Kirstie Alley is staking out her own house. 

Kaia Gerber’s haircut is so 90s, in the best way. And I wonder if this is a sign she and Pete Davidson are done? Sometimes a cut is a post-breakup fresh start.


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Season two of You will drop on Boxing Day, which is the ideal binge-watch day. I really liked the follow-up book to You, Hidden Bodies, and it looks like the series is on the same path. Penn Badgley will absolutely be able to sell Joe as a jaded LA transplant.


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Interesting that as Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan work out their custody issues, he has reactivated his Instagram. And they are both posting about their daughter more.


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