Duana was freaking out about this yesterday. She’ll say that was an exaggeration. But she has described Lin-Manuel Miranda as “Santa Claus” before – like that person she believes exists but will never truly see in person. She’ll never see her Santa on the subway.

I don’t disagree with Mindy Kaling here. But I think colours matter. Just like Mimi doesn’t consider green an official colour of Christmas, I don’t consider purple an official colour of Christmas. FIGHT ME. Also that ribbon on Mindy is kind of suspect. This is not a backyard BBQ. 

This is an EXCELLENT idea and if ever I have the opportunity and the means I am totally stealing it. For the next week, I’ll be unintentionally consuming so much salt and intentionally consuming so much alcohol, I will need to mask every day. 

I quite like the gigantic shades on Tyra. I think maybe though there’s too much going on in the outfit. Like between the ruffles and the waist-tie and the criss-crossing at the arms and legs, one of these elements could have been discarded. 


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Cardi B is dropping a new video today and I’ll probably be in-flight when it happens so now I’m wondering what the reaction will be when I land. 


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Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Jake Gyllenhaal seem to be hanging out more and more – or at least letting us know that they’re hanging out more and more. Hugh and Ryan have this play love/hate big brother/little brother thing going on. And Ryan and Jake share a similar sense of humour. You know what we don’t talk about where Ryan and Jake are concerned? Taylor Swift. Ryan and Blake are tight with Taylor. Taylor and Jake… well… you know. So if Ryan and Blake throw a party, like a birthday partyfor Ryan, who gets invitation priority? 


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It’s that time. It’s Aspen time. I’m looking forward to this year’s Mimi’s Aspen Christmas. She’s feeling herself hard right now. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is now the biggest holiday hit in 60 years. Mimi’s been making a LOT of money lately. In so many creative ways!


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