Jay-Z is releasing the video for Family Feud some time today …and it features Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. So now I have to make sure my TIDAL is up to date which I don’t think it is. In the 30 second preview, Jay once again seems to be directly addressing his infidelity and then presenting himself at the altar of Her Beyoncé for judgement and forgiveness. F-ck, why didn’t I keep my TIDAL up to date? Rookie. 

 As if his last name wasn’t enough, Scott Eastwood wants to remind you who his father is. From a personal collection or I wonder if he just did what everyone else on the internet does and ripped this off Google images. I just Googled “Clint Eastwood reading newspaper” and found it right away. 


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It’s been a while since Drake and Diddy settled their beef. Back in 2014 they scrapped at a club and Drake supposedly ended up with a dislocated shoulder. Now he’s flying on Diddy’s jet. 


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OMG I love this one-piece on Demi Lovato. My tits are two decades older though. They wouldn’t look this good with such minimal containment. 


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Kelly Clarkson is presenting at the Golden Globes. And… I ADORE her. SO MUCH. 

Gwyneth Paltrow is on holiday somewhere tropical with Chris Martin and their children. This is the second time Apple’s shown up in G’s Instagram doing this move. She’s very good at it. As for Chris, Dakota Johnson had his guitar on her way to Aspen last week. Will he be there by New Year’s? 


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