When Chris Martin was dating Annabelle Wallis, they went to Paris and danced in the street together. Chris Martin is now dating Dakota Johnson. They were photographed earlier this week at Chales De Gaulle airport, arriving in the same van but heading inside separately. No kissing and dancing in the street then. But Dakota now is more famous than Annabelle was when she and Chris first got together. And the more famous the partner, the less willing Chris appears to be seen with her. 

It’s now been two months since we first heard that Dakota and Chris were a thing. Since then, she’s travelled with him on tour and afterwards they went on holiday in Israel, and now they’re heading home for the holidays. Will Dakota be invited to Gwyneth Paltrow’s for Christmas dinner? 

Actually, Dakota’s family tradition is Aspen. Melanie Griffith hangs out in Aspen every Christmas with Kate Hudson. Dakota was photographed arriving in Aspen, from Paris, with Chris’s guitar. So is Chris in LA to see his kids and then joining Dakota for New Year’s in Aspen? What’s amazing about this is that Kate Hudson and Chris Martin were rumoured to have been dating for about a minute a couple of years ago. And, of course, Kate and Gwyneth have been friends for years. That Hollywood circle keeps folding in on itself. 

Immediately after the holidays, Dakota will likely start promoting for Fifty Shades the third and permanently end that part of her life. Fifty Shades is based on Twilight. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson played Bella and Edward and fell in love in real life before breaking up. You know how there are those bonkers fans who think that #Robstenlives and that Kristen and Rob are secretly married with two secret babies? It’s the same with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. They call it #Damie. And they believe that Jamie’s marriage to Amelia Warner is a sham. And that Dakota and Jamie are undercover together. I wonder how they now feel about Chris Martin. Because anyone who gets in the way of that narrative is automatically reviled.