From what I can gather, Chris Evans and Chris Pine are always competing for first place on the Chris List. I think, for this week, Evans takes it.

Bella Hadid is traveling with The Weeknd on tour, another sign of just how serious they are (making the engagement talk plausible). They stopped off at an amusement park and she had a corn dog, which is hands-down the best amusement park food. I’m going to take it one step further and argue that corn dogs only taste good at amusement parks. Have you ever been to a hipster restaurant that makes corn dogs with gluten-free batter and serves them with homemade grainy mustard? Or worse, they bake them. It’s not really a corn dog unless it’s made by a disinterested teenager working the summer fair to save up for a car.


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Demi Lovato has been commenting and liking on Instagram, and this is the second photo she’s posted since leaving treatment (the other one was of her voting). She looks very healthy and fit. 


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Taylor Kitsch is starring in a new HBO drama about a “young, family-oriented drug dealer.” Taylor Kitsch is 37, so it’s interesting that they would describe him as young, especially for a drug dealer. 


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A few weeks back, we talked about how the thirsty reality TV Rodgers brother tried to call out QB1 Aaron Rodgers for not checking on their parents during a fire. This family is drama, we know that. But in a recent interview, Aaron, who is supposedly estranged from his mom and dad, said that he spent his birthday with his parents. So maybe there’s been a reconciliation on that end, but I still don’t think the brothers are speaking because if they were, you know Jordan would certainly want everyone to know about it. 


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The Pirelli calendar is a thing every year and they spend a lot of money getting prestigious models, celebrities, and photographers on board. This year, the photographer has conceptualized a story around four women, Gigi Hadid, Misty Copeland, Julia Garner and Laetitia Casta. I’ve never seen one of these calendars person. Have you? 


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I stan. 


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