Miss Flo is quickly becoming my favourite person to watch for on the red carpet because her team puts a lot of thought into their choices, seriously, but she’s also cheeky. A dress like this can overtake the person wearing it and with the wrong styling choices could easily be a mess, but she makes it her own. 


It’s a The Good Wife reunion and clearly, these two got along well. Unlike Archie Panjabi and Julianna Marguiles. Years later, we don’t even have a crumb about why those two fell out to the point that they could not film together. No hint from them or from anyone in the rather large cast. 

Bros is now streaming and Billy Eichner has been open about the disappointment around the lacklustre theatrical release. I think Bros will kill on streaming as it obvious that this is where rom-coms find their audience. (Read Sarah’s review here.)


Karlie Kloss is not my style inspiration but this outfit – a white tank top with what looks like Burberry pants -  looks really good on her. Don’t know what to wear to a holiday party? White tank top. Have a great pair of pants or skirt and can’t find the shirt to complete the look? White tank top. Have a cute jacket you want to highlight? White tank top underneath. It’s a very humble, very underrated piece. 


Karlie’s photo also had me thinking about the standing portrait pose, which has taken over from the selfie. I feel like people have been shamed out of the selfie and now it’s all about the moody standing pose. 


After a month of partying, Diddy has wiped his Instagram and says he is ready to get back to work. This is a great example of how celebrities don’t function on civilian time: December is usually when people are clocking out of work, not getting motivated to do more. 


I love a new nepo baby rollout: Kate Winslet and her daughter Mia Threapleton star in an episode of I Am Ruth, which Winslet developed. There’s a full interview is in Variety and Winslet heaps praise on her daughter (as most people would), and while there’s a lot of nepo baby interviews that have been picked apart, there’s also common talking points with nepo parents.