We know Oprah gives amazing presents (she’s been known to gift newborns with an “Oprah’s Book Club” for the nursery) and these flowers for Alicia Keys are not just a “Happy Birthday” but a statement of adoration. You don’t send these kind of flowers to someone you are just checking off a list. You want this person to be wowed and she looks wowed. 


Meme’ing the boss’s old boyfriend, who also happens to be one of the biggest movie stars of all time? Power move. Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey (who is married to Patrick Dempsey) commented on the lip liner. Is it spice? Many of us used (and in my case, overused) spice. The popular one at my high school was from The Body Shop. I would love to see it make a comeback.

Gwyneth also did a throwback to Country Strong – remember when she was semi trying to become a singer and performed at the Grammys? It’s funny she acknowledged this movie because she has said, several times, that she quit acting after Proof. Since then she’s starred in Country Strong, Mortdecai, Thanks For Sharing, Contagion, Running With Scissors, Two Lovers (with Joaquin Phoenix, which was supposed to be super Oscar bait but never went anywhere), as well as the Avengers movies, not to mention Glee and The Politician. I wonder if she will ever revisit the singing and make a full album, with a goop-ified twist. “This Record Sounds Like My Vagina.” 


Why am I spending my Monday watching this hypnotic and frankly spot-on Joker impression by Chet (Chester) Hanx (Hanks)? Because I can’t stop, that’s why. If you want to see this up-close-and-more-personal, Chet is launching an acting school, The Actors Advantage. 


Drew Barrymore has talked pretty openly about not wanting to get married again. Her ex, Will Kopelman, with whom she seems to have a nice coparenting relationship, is engaged to Vogue fashion director Alexandra Michler. Way back when they were newlyweds, Drew and Will did a joint interview with Oprah and at one point Drew said, “I feel like he should be with like a nice Upper East Side girl who has pretty arms and wears sleeveless shirts and you know is nothing like me.” Damn if she didn’t know her husband.

Don’t know her but thoughts and prayers for Katie, who had an anxiety dream happen to her in real life. 


Jennifer Coolidge is 59 and Paula Abdul is 58 and their two anecdotes are not related, but it has me firmly believing that women in their 50s have the best stories. Jennifer Coolidge told Kelly Clarkson that she once faked having a twin so she could date two best friends while she was on vacation (Reese Witherspoon needs to option this story for a rom-com!) and Paula Abdul’s story of being injured in a plane crash in 1992 is gaining traction online again. Redditors have gone deep on this as has Jezebel – read their report here. Whatever the case, these two women are national treasures and should tell us any story they want.