Tell me you don’t want to do a melancholy twirl on ice while listening to “Drivers License” after watching this.  


I got an email (hey Nadya!) about model Aaron Philip, who was just featured on Beyonce’s website for her trailblazing career. Maybe we’ll see her in Icy Park.

Oh this is the perfect Kate Hudson cover as it exactly captures her essence – happy. The t-shirt and the candy bracelets and the buns, it’s all very “hitting up HMV to pick up a Goo Goo Dolls CD before grabbing an Orange Julius” in the best way. Super 90s.  


Leather trench coats are a pretty luxurious purchase and something that should live in a closet for years. What do you think of red? Its bold, it’s a statement. It’s certainly worthy of several selfies in the mirror. Lena Dunham’s is by Karen Millen (it’s still available here).  

Elizabeth Chambers has posted about the scandal involving her ex-husband and expressed support for abuse victims. As of right now, she is probably focused on working out a divorce settlement and dealing with all of the things that go into being family with him (because sharing young children binds them). She can divorce him but, until the kids are 18, it will be very difficult to be free of him.


There are going to be some BS headlines about Oprah getting married (as if!) at her house. Total nonsense. But she did host a wedding for her de facto niece, Kirby. And Gayle spilled the beans, as moms do.

Are Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah still together? All signs point to yes; three weeks ago there was a story in PEOPLE about him buying a house for their future but they are definitely serious about keeping things private. Not even a crumb on Instagram, which is rare.


On January 23, post BenAna split, Ana posted photos from The Sunday Times. I consider that work related. This latest shot is more personal and informal and shows off her new haircut – a thirst trap? Or a fresh start?