Remember flash mobs? And surprise wedding dances? That used to be a thing, OK! These TikTok dances are not that different, except teens have more access to eye-roll them. (Not that I think it’s eye-rolly, I like it. Miguel is going hard.)


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Courtney Love released her memoir Dirty Blonde in 2007, but she seems to live the kind of life with stories that are always being told through a different lens, over and over.

Her attention to detail along with her insight into these kind of experiences is what makes her a great writer - she was in it but also observing it. 


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No one writes IOUs anymore! I would trust Candice Bergen to come back to pay for that sandwich. 


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What will Chloe Sevigny name her baby? This is more interesting to me than any Kardashian baby name. I kind of think she will go with something super classic like Alice or Gertrude, but she could also go with something unimaginably cool. A name I can’t even imagine. 


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Most Wednesdays, Gabrielle Union does a #WCW (woman crush Wednesday) for a person she admires – this week was Keke Palmer. Gabrielle’s posts are not just a quick rundown or shout-out, there’s usually a lot of detail about what makes the woman special and how that woman operates in the larger industry (whether it be acting, philanthropy, behind-the-scenes in entertainment etc.). You can read her story about Keke below. I want to know exactly who threw this party and who was there. Because how are people not wanting Gabrielle Union and Regina Hall at their table? That would be the best table. Certainly the most photogenic. I did a Google search of Gabrielle and Regina at an Oscars party, and Vanity Fair 2014 came up. Hmmmm.  


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