January 12 is “quitters day” – the day people are most likely to give up their New Year’s resolutions. Ellie Kemper is ahead of the curve.


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This is the requisite “I visited the Vancouver Aquarium” Instagram shot. It’s like posing in front of an angel wings mural.  


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A lot of the talk about The Sopranos 20th anniversary centers around the finale – like Edie Falco, I loved it, but I didn’t when it aired. It has grown on me. Beyond the ending, the show was so layered with rage and awkwardness all tied up in family dynamics – like Junior complaining about the lack of baked ziti at his birthday party


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These are both important. 


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Margot Robbie is reportedly set to play Barbie – but we’ve heard this before. Amy Schumer was once attached to the movie and when she dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, said the concept had “great promise.” Screenwriter Diablo Cody and Anne Hathaway were also both attached at one point, although Diablo said she was not able to come up with a draft for the script. This whole thing feels like a jumble. 


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I’ve been pondering including this for a few days, just because I respect Duana’s opinion so much but I have to say: in my humble opinion, it was “bitch.” And the fact that both of them had to rush so hard to publicly patch it up is more about how the gossip narrative has changed to the point that people think everyone walking a red carpet on the same night has to be best friends. Taking a photo together doesn’t make two people #friendshipgoals. Not liking someone is not a federal crime. We’ve become soft! Remember when Courtney Love threw a compact at Madonna on live TV?   


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