Employees of Conde Nast had a planned walked walkout yesterday and according to Page Six, Anne Hathaway left a Vanity Fair shoot when SAG joined. The report also states her team had done their due diligence before, during and after and it wasn’t dramatic. 


Very smart of her team to be proactive and thorough. 


I don’t have the bandwidth to be upset about Barbie and don’t… disagree… with the nominations (or lack of nominations). Greta Gerwig is in her Argo year. That’s OK! She’s fine. Margot Robbie is, uh, more than fine. A movie with a $150 million marketing budget is fine. And as for Ken, who Sarah wrote about this morning, isn’t this the point of scene stealers? Melissa McCarthy did it in Bridesmaids. Two Jokers have won because the Joker is more interesting than Batman. My issue with Barbie (the movie) is that like Barbie (the doll), it tried to be everything to everyone. It had a great run but this “snub” outrage is taking up a lot of space. 


A celebration of Colman Domingo.

Ms.Tina accidentally liked an anti-Janet Jackson post and immediately went to clear it up. The Knowles do not play dirty, they do not speak negatively about anyone in public. And there is no way Ms. Tina would purposely do that to Janet, whom she highly praises. 


OMG release the remix: Amber Tamblyn as Ariana Madix and Cheyenne Jackson as Tom Sandoval. He even grew the moustache!

Get On Your Knees is finally a Netflix special! I saw this in New York at the Cherry Lane Theatre and loved it. 


Tom Holland is not totally back on Instagram but he is posting stories about Zendaya. Even he can’t resist bragging, just a little. An understandable flex.

Tom Holland's Insta stories
Tom Holland's Instagram stories

Expect a full court press of ridiculous headlines now that Tristan Thompson has been suspended for 25 games for violating the NBA’s drug policy. A cheater who cheats? Who could have possibly seen this coming!