Taking over here temporarily from Maria for the next couple of days… 

Of the two famous Affleck brothers, it’s Ben who has the reputation for PDA and especially over the last two years with Ana de Armas and Jennifer Lopez. But he’s not doing love declarations on social media – at least not yet. Casey Affleck, however, is out here on Instagram celebrating the one year anniversary of meeting his girlfriend Caylee Cowan. This is … a lot. Especially with the eyes closed. 


I’ve been waiting for an update on Pachinko, Apple’s adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s book. And now we have a release date and some promotional photos. I feel like a trailer is coming soon… maybe on Tuesday? For Lunar New Year? 

One of the stars of Pachinko is Lee Min-ho who, I’m telling you, in some parts of the world would incite as much pandemonium, if not more, than Chris Evans. Min-ho is an ambassador for Hugo Boss….


…as is super-stylist Karla Welch who works with Tracee Ellis Ross, Justin Bieber, Sarah Paulson, Kristen Wiig, Olivia Wilde, and Ruth Negga who’s been campaigning for Passing this week in a series of OUTSTANDING fits, all Prada. I love the sheer skirt with the black boots but the highlight here for me is the third look: sweater on sweater on sweater. 


I just mentioned Chris Evans up above and this week he gave the people what they wanted – look at that smooshy face!

Bowen Yang just made me feel so seen and if I ever interview him, we are going to talk about our eyes. Specifically…styes! A stye does not stop the show! I think I can see it though – inside corner of his right eye. Bowen, if you’re reading this (unlikely), let me share mine. 


You know what’s coming now. When I get to do this feature, there will always be BTS content. Did you hear about BTS and Chipotle this week? When RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook were last on with James Corden, he served Chipotle during break. Only Jungkook pronounced it “Chicotle”, with a “C” in a video that was shared on BTS’s YouTube channel. When Chipotle found out about it, they changed their social media banner. 

Chipotle Tweet
Chipotle's original tweet

Then they partnered with a popular fan account on a special limited-time offer (it’s expired now). 

The power of BTS! And the punching power of Jungkook.