Justin Bieber has revealed he has struggled with Lyme disease and chronic mono. Last year, he was photographed crying in public and really going through it (I thought it was wedding related stress, but it was something more serious). TMZ, which has a longstanding relationship with Team JB, had the scoop and Justin said we will see more on this in his documentary. Hailey went online to support him and thank the Hadids (Yolanda, Bella and Anwar have struggled with Lyme) and now this is where my gossip antenna goes up. Gigi is very good friends with Taylor (she’s effectively replaced Karlie) and Taylor, in her Lover era, has kept a set of enemies that includes Justin. But her feuds don’t last forever – if I had to bet on who she would make up with first out of Scooter, Kanye and Justin, I’d bet on Justin. If Selena was OK with it. 


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Is this a resolution, a wish, or an attempt at manifestation? Liam/Noel 2022!

“OK do you hear that right now? That’s my neighbour. It’s weird because usually he’s like really quiet.”

We are nine days into the new year and I haven’t yet mentioned Diplo – this deserves some kind of award.

I do have an update: he has gotten rid of his gold tooth! Also, over the holidays, he had some PDA moments with another DJ, Chantelle Jeffries. They haven’t clarified their status but I wonder what happens when two DJs date. Do they need a fog machine to f-ck?


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Stella McCartney tweeted about Joaquin Phoenix’s tuxedo and the response is probably not what she anticipated: people have been commenting on dry cleaning, not going vintage, and the fact that black tuxes are not as noticeable as a gown. But it’s Stella – does she care about the comments? Joaquin won’t even see them. 


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Both PEOPLE and US Weekly have stories about Julianne Hough’s marriage, which is just a reiteration of what people on social media are saying. It seems like they aren’t ready to announce anything quite yet. 


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There was a Braverman sighting at the Golden Globes (Lauren Graham and Peter Krause, who played brother and sister on the show, made a rare appearance together). And here’s another one with Gramps.


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