Karla Welch is an A-list stylist who works with Busy Philipps, Lord, Ruth Negga, Tracee Ellis Ross and Justin Bieber, to name a few. She has a collaborated with Hanes and Levi’s and has a new line with Express. I’d be interested to see who has the higher sales numbers with these clothing lines: celebrities vs. stylists. Celebrities have the wide name recognition and can promote their own lines, but because so many of them do collaborations with different brands, there’s rare cross promotion (for example, you won’t see Kendall Jenner in a Hailey Baldwin x Roxy shirt, because Kendall has her own stuff to promote). There’s also a lot of product line fatigue. On the flip side, I’m guessing Karla’s clients will be all over this to support her. Celebrities hold tight to their teams. Plus, the looks are solid. Couldn’t you see Tracee Ellis Ross in these sequined Bermuda shorts? Or Busy in this utility jumpsuit? She should also make these bedazzled Band-Aids, custom fit for Busy, for the mass market. They would sell out. 


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Two things about this throwback: renting laserdiscs! And Reese’s accent has faded (or changed?) so much. Understandable, the movie came out in 1991. 


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Finally caught up on The Hills: New Beginnings and I think the producers put the focus in the wrong places (Audrina and Justin Bobby together is like watching a bowl of oatmeal congeal). They should be focusing on the young buck, Brandon Thomas Lee (son of Pam and Tommy), a sober 23-year-old who won me over when he said that celebrities get stuck at the age they become famous. A scholar! (Also, his scenes with Brody Jenner are so funny because Brody is in a state of quiet despair, aching to be that young again.) 


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How many remixes of “Old Town Road” are there? Who cares! Keep them coming: Old Town Road x Dolly must happen. Lil Nas X is the only pure thing in music, we must protect him at all costs. I also love the idea that all of these marketing teams and record executives are stressing about “Old Town Road” because it’s been blocking everybody. 

Do you like to meet new people on vacation, like at the pool bar or the beach? I’m good with my book and don’t like to chitchat unless I know someone. Gwyneth Paltrow recently made a new friend in the Hamptons, Princess Martha Louise of Norway. Here’s a perfect example of why people love to hate on GP: it was the princess who was gushing over Gwyneth, not vice versa. Gwyneth didn’t even bother posting the photo. Extremly on brand for her. 


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How much do you want to bet that when these two want to curse, they use words like “fudgeballs” or “bubblenuggets.” There is no way anyone is saying f-ck in that house. 


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