If I hadn’t logged on and read Lainey’s intro this morning, I would have no idea about the Dan Wootton allegations and I tend to follow media news pretty closely. This is a big, big story because he’s been a reporter but also someone who has shaped the tabloid narratives. 


One couple that has been the focus of his ire: the Beckhams and the Peltz-Beckhams, Brooklyn. He has torn them down as money-hungry, fame-obsessed (particularly her), talentless (Brooklyn), hypocritical (David), stage parents (her again), and a failure (again, that would be Victoria). That’s just off the top off my head. If the Beckhams are feeling a certain type of way today, I wouldn’t blame them. 


Dan Wootton has been super hard on Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham and while Brooklyn’s many projects and “jobs” are mocked, he’s 24. Did you know what your career would be at 24? I did not. As mentioned above, he called him “talentless” but really, how many people have genuine, rare talent? That’s what makes it so special – most people don’t! Brooklyn is working and not being arrested for DUIs in his super cars or running crytpo scams. Yes he’s bland but he’s not actively harmful like the UK press have made him out to be. (Also, I wonder if he got on FaceTime with his parents to talk about this news.)


Miranda Lambert called out fans for taking a selfie and then some of them walked out and posted the photo. I’m kind of here for that level of petty lol. As for Miranda, I’m sure it can be annoying when audiences feel distracted but this wasn’t them looking at Facebook. They were celebrating being at her concert and photos are part of that celebration. So I would say she was a little unjustified for calling people out. Especially considering the cost that goes into buying concert tickets right now. Most people would want a photo all dressed up and out with their friends.


Not to quote myself but on July 11 I wondered about Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello and in this case, social media was a clue. I’m hardly an oracle as many people noticed the signs. Let’s talk about the announcement timing, which came on the heels of Ariana Grande’s split. That was an obvious decision to help bury the story. They were waiting for a “bigger” divorce so they could drop theirs (reality TV stars don’t count). This makes me think this decision was made fairly recently because the last big celebrity divorce was in late March (Reese Witherspoon). They were probably fine – she posted with him on May 14 for Mother’s Day and again on June 7 in NYC. She also posted a throwback photo with Joe on June 29 (pretty recent!) in Italy. She went to Italy with friends this time. If you know you are going to announce a split while you are on a trip, would you post a throwback with your ex? Either the decision was made fairly quickly when the opportunity arose to announce or they really are that friendly. 


More to the split: most reports are that they grew apart but the Daily Mail (who should probably be quiet this week) is saying it’s because he’s so easy going and she’s so hot tempered and beautiful (they doubled up on the sexism and racial stereotyping, it’s two for one!). If this is his team trying to slant the narrative, it’s hilarious. “My wife is too smoking hot” is not exactly a win for him.