Back in 2015, Chris Hemsworth, his wife, and some friends attended a costume party dressed up as Native Americans. They were called out for their ignorance. A year later, Chris apologised for his ignorance and posted a photo of himself on Instagram with Taika Waititi in support of Standing Rock. As Sarah wrote at the time, he took accountability and he engaged in conversation, clearly open to learning and growing. Here he is using his platform to highlight the work of indigenous artist Otis Hope Carey. This piece is magnificent. 


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Rachel Jackson is a Scottish comedian who sometimes covers red carpet premieres. Last year she interviewed The Rock. And she never got the chance to know what he wanted to know. This would get in the way of me living my life too. The Rock has finally made it so that Rachel can go on. I love that he did this. 

Last week Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul got everyone all hyped about a Breaking Bad …movie? This week there’s another flex. Between this and all the other gossip that’s been happening, I wonder if Maria, our resident Breaking Bad expert, has been able to enjoy her holiday at all.  

How will Maria handle this? This Lea Michele post does not allude to her wedding!


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Rihanna showed up to the West Indies vs Sri Lanka World Cup Cricket match this weekend where she ran into one of her school teachers. She’s also been mentioned in the Taylor Swift mess as some people have noted that she’s no longer following Scooter Braun on social media. Was she ever following Scooter Braun though? 



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It was Canada Day yesterday. Alanis acknowledged our holiday with a throwback. You know what I don’t say enough? I love Alanis’s hair. 


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Ariana Grande has yet to comment on the Taylor Swift-Scooter Braun situation. There was an Instagram story circulating that has since been exposed as a fake. Variety reports that she wants to say something and is frustrated but that Scooter has now asked people to “stay out of it”. So now we’re all trying to read into this. 


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Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out this week. Sarah’s review will be posted tomorrow. She’s sent it to me but I haven’t read it yet so I’m not sure if she talks about the mid and end credit scenes but… heads up, everyone. Do not leave early. 

There’s a new challenge taking over social media. It’s the #BottleCapChallenge. John Mayer accepted. But Jason Statham’s is better, no surprise. I want to see a woman do it. And you know who I think could win it? FKA twigs. 



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