To celebrate the 26th anniversary of Clueless, Alicia Silverstone made a TikTok, again with her son as her scene partner. It’s cute. And I know in the movie she was wearing Calvin Klein, but I wonder if her dress here is Calvin Klein. It certainly looks like the 90s slip dresses he specialized in. 


Tiger Woods is back online for work. He’s promoting his Discovery+ show that he was shooting before his accident and while it’s not golf, you can bet the golf world is thrilled to have him to talk about again. 


How they are filming SATC's And Just Like That with so much chaos around them is beyond me. It seems so distracting. And it’s giving away a lot, with Natasha (Bridget Moynahan) spotted filming. From what’s been leaked (STOP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT POTENTIONAL SPOILERS) about the storyline, maybe Carrie is turning to her for advice on how to handle divorcing Big. And Carrie is such a selfish asshole this would absolutely be her play. 

I read a tweet (which I’ve since lost) that said Carrie wouldn’t be wearing heels, she’d be into streetwear and sneakers. I could not disagree more. I think the clothes on Carrie look so formal they are dated, but that fits in exactly with what I think Carrie would be now. Kind of Housewives-ish, if I’m being honest. And if it seems like I’m hating on Carrie well, I am. I think it’s been well established that she is the villain in the series, which is fitting for an HBO prestige TV drama. In hindsight it makes me like the show more, not less. 


I want to talk about two things in this Charlize Theron photo album. First, she puts her bare feet out the window??!!! Charlize is that person? Wow. Second, she posted a photo of tinned fish and if you haven’t heard, tinned fish is very in. It’s the Instagram lunch of the moment.

So after US Weekly reported that Kanye West and Irina Shayk have split, E! comes in with the plot twist and is reporting that they are “going strong.” I’m leaning towards E! on this one, but maybe that’s my bias. I think it’s good for gossip. 


Lainey has mentioned she grows tomatoes (Lainey: Jacek grows them, I watch them grow) so I wanted to post Catherine Zeta-Jones’s haul in Mallorca. Does Lainey have tomato envy now? (Lainey: I have basil envy right now because my little basil plant doesn’t seem to be growing very quickly…does it hate me?)