There are new photos of Ashley Benson and G-Eazy and to be honest, I forgot they are together (or she’s rebounding with him, as a source put it in May). It’s perfect timing for a summer fling and considering that most things are paused (like touring and filming), they will have a lot of time to hang out and get it out of their system. There’s no way these two are lasting past Labour Day, right?


Kristen Bell has been making headlines over the last few days because of her children’s book The World Needs More Purple People book, with Rebecca Alter at Vulture, pointing out that it invokes Ye Old White proverb “I don’t care if you’re purple,” a phrase often used in defense of a white person’s biases. But the thing is, there are no purple (or pink or blue) people, but there is a variety of people who are constantly told in ways big and small that their skin colour matters. Beyond that, Kristen is voicing a bi-racial character in Central Park because creator Loren Bouchard could not find anyone else he wanted. But back to her book: Kristen definitely saw the stories about it because she and Dax are pretty plugged in. I wonder if she will address it either on Instagram or with Ellen (she’s always on Ellen).

Yeezy has applied for a bunch of trademarks for beauty, skin, nail polish and perfume. It’s actually a natural extension of a fashion house and if you look at designers from luxury (Tom Ford and Hermès) to more mass market lines (Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors) there’s a need for multiple product lines. 


A little current news with some old news: Jennifer Aniston reportedly donated $1 million to Color of Change and Brad Pitt, reportedly, has matched it. While I don’t doubt their philanthropy the source is, unfortunately, very suspect (it’s The Mirror). I want it to be true, and the money very well could be, but my gossip gut is telling me this isn’t a coordinated effort between them.


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have said that they, like many couples, had to postpone their wedding because of the pandemic. But they have brought home a new pup for Max, maybe because the timing works out: they’ll both be close to home for the next few months, which works with a puppy schedule. They are so high maintenance. And yes the pup (right now he doesn’t have a name) already has his own Instagram account. You know JLo is not clogging her feed up for a dog, no matter how cute he is. 

Attached: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez rental house hunting on June 14, 2020.