This morning, Lainey mentioned that Keanu is undoubtedly a lock for Sexiest Man Alive – if he wants it. It’s highly doubtful he would want it; we are running out of Keanu time and he will soon disappear, leaving the Internet bereft. But since we’re talking SMA, my picks for the next round are John Legend (he’d be the third Voice coach to get it) or a Chris. Hemsworth has done it, so we are left with Pratt (good odds, considering he just married a Schwarzenegger), Chris Evans, and Chris Pine. 


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Wearing white to a wedding is considered a no-go unless it’s specifically requested by the bride for photos. But what if someone wore a wedding dress, like an actual wedding dress, to your wedding? And what if that person is your mother-in-law? Follow this thread because it goes places you will not expect. Also, since I’m talking about wedding dresses, I’m legally obligated to include Lea Michele. She got married, in case you missed it. 


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Yesterday I posted about Ciara’s pants and a few people pointed out that they are obviously bell bottoms. They are, but I didn’t even think of bell bottoms because I haven’t seen a pair of bell bottoms in real life in years. Do people still wear bell bottoms? Are they making a comeback? I could never. 


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What I wonder about this In Touch cover is not if it’s true or not (obviously it’s not) but why they chose Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis for the “divorce” story when there are so many other options, like the Royals, the Jonas brothers, Miley and Liam, Justin and Hailey. If you are going to make up a story, swing for the fences. 


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Maybe a journalist on this junket could ask Justin if the Trolls are up to date on their vaccines. 


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To be fair to Max Greenfield, this is definitely a butthole. 


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There’s recently been YouTuber drama and Instagram influencer drama, which makes it easy to dismiss those worlds as vapid and ridiculous. But can I interest you in a hedgehog influencer? His name is Lionel and he wears hats. 


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