Did you hear about the Instagram influencers who may have sold brand sponsorship to their “surprise” engagement? (Taylor Lorenz of The Atlantic wrote about it here, with receipts). I don’t know if there’s anything inherently “wrong” about faking something for profit on Instagram (isn’t that Instagram’s whole ethos – faking it?) but what’s interesting is the woman works for Goop as a director of brand partnerships. Now her name is blowing up (even WWD covered it) and I wonder how GP will react – will she dismiss this as the usual Internet “haters?” Will this embarrass the company because it’s a tad corny? Or will she applaud her employee’s ability to sell “brand partnerships” around a momentous occasion? After all, it’s not like GP hasn’t done the same with her divorce, engagement, and wedding. Maybe we’ll see “commerce courtship” as Goop’s next trend. 


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An entire Jeopardy! category about The Rock? My dumb ass would ace this. If you have a minute to watch, listen for the Kevin Hart insult. Alex Trebek’s delivery is, as always, perfection. 


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It’s not a surprise that Katy Perry showed up for Miranda Kerr as the two have never seemed to have even a hint of an issue. I mentioned that Miranda didn’t post about Orlando on Father’s Day. I just checked and neither did Katy. It probably means nothing, right?


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The brilliant Doreen St. Félix wrote about Big Little Lies for the New Yorker, “The second season is a little rude, and a little raw, and openly indebted to Andy Cohen and his army of Real Housewives.” I couldn’t agree more, especially now that Meryl has joined. Sometimes on Real Housewives a cast member will introduce her mom to the group and these mothers don’t f-cking play with their insults and, because of experience, can see the women for who they really are. That kind of mom makes a Real Housewife very nervous, which is the same dynamic that makes Reese and Meryl so fascinating to watch. 


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Oprah is on tour in Canada and wore some shoes that really, really hurt her feet. She gave them away. No amount of personal wealth can spare a woman’s feet from punishing heels. Sometimes the angles are just wrong. 


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This could be a future biopic. 


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Flip through the gallery for a rare Tilda Swinton sighting on Instagram. What’s Tilda like at a concert? Does she stand or sit? Does she sing along or dance? I can kind of imagine her shimmying along to the music. 


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Some bleak news (for me): I will be away for two weeks and will miss the Beckhams’ 20th anniversary!!!! It’s on July 4. Celebrate for me, OK? And let’s talk about it endlessly when I get back. 


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