Bruce Willis and Emma Heming renewed their vows and Demi Moore was there (in the yellow dress she has worn before – it’s Vita Kin). Obviously she would be there; she was at the wedding 10 years ago, and she and Bruce have always been publicly supportive of one another’s relationships. That Charlie’s Angels red carpet is part of gossip history not just because they are friendly exes, but because Demi and Bruce knew their place as A-listers, they knew they would cause a frenzy and look amazing why doing it. They were the original conscious uncouplers, minus the smugness.


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“Good evening, I’m coming to you tonight from where I’m standing, which is here.” Perd Herd was at Paley Fest to introduce the Parks & Rec cast. I’m catching up on what happened on EW but the question is, as always, what about a reboot or movie? The answer is no. Definitely not. And while everyone says that (and then the show gets rebooted) this feels sincere. It wouldn’t be rebooted… with this cast. 


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Kate Beckinsale has wiped her Instagram. Of course it’s her own choice but the obvious guess is that it has something to do with Pete Davidson, who regularly clears his social media. Kate is an avid social media conversationalist and often comments and replies on posts. Will she give that up too?


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OK this is an engagement flex worth more than a thousand giant diamond ring selfie – a note from the Obamas!


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I know Marsai Martin is busy being the youngest-ever executive producer of a feature film but her styling of late has been so good. Usually feathers are tired, but for Teen Vogue the mix of pink, white and tie dye looked fresh. And her her high heels and sunglasses tracksuit from the Little poster – who made that? We’re less than a month away from the premiere and between her and Issa Rae and Gina Hall, the outfits on this press tour will be sick. Now I want to watch the trailer again.


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