Chrissy Teigen is on the cover of British Glamour talking about filtering, plastic surgery, mental health and having a family in Hollywood. It’s candid, but here’s where it fell flat for me: she is always candid. There is not one thing in this interview that I couldn’t glean from social media. And if we are talking about filtering, um, British Glamour should have gotten on board with that because now there are of course loads of people commenting about the magazine’s touch-ups. Chrissy doesn’t control the images they use but there’s another spot where they could have expanded the conversation: Chrissy saying how we don’t recognize real bodies anymore, but she’s also a former swimsuit model who has a pretty public friendship with the Kardashians, the de facto faces of the filtered look. It’s a big disconnect.

This isn’t unique to Chrissy, but rather a common (and unfair) position that female celebrities find themselves in. They can rail against the system and be part of it and we can all be feminists who recognize body standards are f-cked up and still be vain, but that’s a whole ass conversation that isn’t touched on. 


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There’s kind of a weird story in US Weekly about Chris Pratt never feeling “good enough” for Anna Faris and how Katherine Schwarzenegger is so much better for him. Sure he and Katherine seem well-suited to one another (he goes into detail about it here) but the comparison to Anna seems odd. Why did a source feel the need to bring this up when they’ve all moved on and seem to be co-parenting peacefully? Being happier with a new spouse over your ex-wife isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff. And the whole thing about how Katherine made him more laid-back, comfortable and secure is very specific. As with all these stories, we have to wonder who is benefitting from feeding this info to US Weekly – and why did they do it? Who does this serve?


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Lady Gaga blasting during a very serious COVID-19 press conference is the most Italian thing ever. If they played this gag in a movie, we would roll our eyes.

Seeing this Sam Taylor-Johnson post prompted me to look at her husband Aaron’s feed, but he’s deleted his account. She posted about him in February so they are probably fine, right? 


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It’s kind of nice that Michael B. Jordan embraces his hotness and hasn’t had that “serious” actor thing that only men seem to do (dress all scruffy and grow some patchy facial hair and purposely try to make themselves less good looking). He embraces his handsomeness. Like a young Clooney.


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Try to read this and not instinctively touch your face.