After a long, contentious divorce, Kelly Clarkson is free! She has settled all outstanding financial and custodial issues with her ex, which includes her having primary physical custody of their children, a lump sum payout, alimony (for a limited time) and child support (for the one weekend a month he has their children it’s $45k). Now that that is done, there’s the outstanding issue of Kelly suing the Blackstocks (Brandon and his father) for fraud. 


Did you think we had seen the last of Lea Michele’s Monique Lhuillier wedding dress? Nope! To her credit, she now contains these photos to her anniversary, and not every holiday on the calendar.

I saw something about TikTok drama on Twitter and although I didn’t understand it all, this incredible video by @thequeenlotus is like a storyboard for a film – it breaks down the entire drama with visuals! It was a journey. And while I don’t care that much about the people involved in the drama, I am taken by @thequeenlotus’s storytelling ability. Social media platforms (and influencers) have a history of undervaluing and outright stealing from Black creators. TikTok said it was going to work with Black or POC creators but so far, the results are mixed.


Reply to @kolaughking I got you! #womblands #fypã‚·

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Rodarte is always on point (Sarah: are they, though?), and this dress has a lot of interesting details: it’s a really specific blue with spaghetti straps and a neckline that I would describe as a scalloped fan (that’s probably totally wrong). But on Kate Bosworth, with the styling and fit, it’s a hit. Classic and even kind of old-fashioned in a lot of ways, but really fresh and fitted. 


Yesterday Sarah wrote about Deep Water, and I can’t believe after all we went through those two, we aren’t getting a junket. The cardboard cut-out, the dogs, the Dunkin Donuts – the North remembers!


Drew Barrymore is one of the few celebrity bloggers left who is still posting and her latest one is about trying to reconnect with people she’s interested in dating in person. What she did is very bold and not easy – I’ll let you read it and see where it goes. As for the fans who approached her during the interaction, I’m a little annoyed on her behalf (even though she’s too nice to be annoyed). They interrupted her flow.