Twitter is all over Cara Delevingne’s antics and as Cody pointed out yesterday, she seemed “a little too turnt up.” Cara is fairly online so she is for sure seeing some of the conversation and insinuations but she also comes from a posh pedigree and is an international partier, bouncing between LA, New York, London and fashion weeks in Europe. She is friends with royals, was part of Taylor Swift’s squad, is tight with models and UK socialites and is regularly photographed with movie stars. She may be the butt of the joke online right now but she is very well connected and the British tabloids have been doing “worse for wear” headlines about her for years, which is Daily Mail speak for “a little too turnt up.” She’s probably not that affected by the chatter. 


NBC News ran a story about the celebrity players in the crypto currency scheme and not surprisingly, no one will speak on the record about it. From a PR perspective, they are probably thinking if they ignore it will go away (and they are probably right – there’s a short attention span for this kind of scandal and there’s not a lot of sympathy for people who buy into get-rich-quick schemes).  Some of these tweets are not aging well.


Dakota Johnson co-founded an intimate massager line called Maude, posted about it a few times in 2021 and that was it. This kind of ambivalence to hustle culture is a big departure from most celebrity lifestyle brands that lean – hard – on the celebrity to do the promotion. She’s giving us nothing and I kind of love that about her. She’s very blasé. Click here to see the post. 


This denim bikini on Ciara is obviously just for editorial because it looks so uncomfortable. Every year, it’s the same debate about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue: some people get big mad that over the years, the models chosen more accurately reflect society are included, while others are mad that it’s still a narrow representation of beauty standards. I just want to know what kind of sadist came up with a denim bathing suit.


Tom Brady is going to be roasted for Netflix. Um, about what? His seven Super Bowl wins? His insanely hot supermodel wife? His lovely children? His full head of hair? I’m not even a Tom Brady or football fan and I’m struggling to come up with something. There’s only so many “deflated balls” jokes that can be made.