These new photos of Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer out for dinner got me thinking that they’ve been engaged for a while, right? There’s a bunch of reasons for that (like a long period of Covid cautiousness), work schedules and also, planning a wedding can be a very detail-oriented and stressful undertaking. Or, they might be married and didn’t announce it. 


There’s an expose on the Duggars called Shiny Happy People and um, did anyone think these people were shiny or happy? Haven’t we all been side-eyeing this whole thing from the start? Here is what is interesting: magazines like PEOPLE (and US Weekly, InTouch etc.) legitimized the Duggars by constantly covering the show as entertainment (the same way shows like The Bachelor are written about) and now PEOPLE is also part of the “downfall” narrative. 


The Oscar-winner-to-FastX pipeline cracks me up. I think the latest movie is supposed to be the finale but we know this is not the end. Vin Diesel will never let that happen and he can still try to get Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Viola Davis. (Read Sarah’s review here). I also wouldn’t be surprised if this franchise is the first to use a hologram or AI actor. 


As Lainey wrote earlier today, Beyoncé has been generous on social media this week and continuing with the spirit of giving is Rihanna. The photos are stunning and like all things Rihanna, dripping in her singular style. As if Bad Gal RiRi was going to do a typical floral-and-muted-colours pregnancy aesthetic. 

In more Beyoncé news, TMZ is reporting that she and Jay Z have bought a $200 million home, the most expensive ever in California. How many bathrooms would a 30,000 square foot house have? 


Swifty Dads are having a moment online thanks to a new GQ story about the men who survived and thrived during the Eras Tour. 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly both attended the Sports Illustrated party but didn’t walk the red carpet together. They’ve both also been quiet about each other on social media (she hasn’t posted at all since the initial blow up). They went from posing for magazine covers together to avoiding red carpets. We’ll always have “I am weed.”


Do celebrities get to approve their Sardis portrait? I would love to know the process and if Jessica Chastain had to see it for the first time in front of a crowd. She was a great sport and I get that it’s a caricature but I feel like they missed some of her features and relied too much on her hair colour to be the identifying factor.