Can you tell when an artist is going to be a one-hit wonder? I definitely can’t (I thought “I Kissed A Girl” would be it for Katy Perry, ha!). But artists who get a monster hit have options they might not have had 20 or 30 years ago, like social media ads, club appearances, and private events to keep them going. If they get really good at social media, it can make a huge difference in their longevity. And you know who’s pretty good? Lil Nas X. 


Where did Jack Black get that t-shirt? What does “Leonardo DiCaprio Creams and Lotions” mean? This video appeared on Jack Black’s Jablinski Games YouTube channel, so I think the title refers to the song he plays. I’m so intrigued and so is The Rock  - he is asking the same questions in the comments. 


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Ella Travolta is entering the family business, but what does this mean? With Ella, it’s a planned rollout; she’s working with her dad and giving interviews to PEOPLE. But acting is unlike other family businesses because it involves a lot of other people’s approvals – casting, producers, directors. And while having famous parents is undoubtedly a massive advantage, it isn’t a guarantee of critical or commercial success. If it was, Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg’s daughters would be the most lauded actresses of their generation.


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Demi Moore starting her first workout in over 4 years with a “happy Monday” (it was Tuesday) is highly relatable. 


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Celery juice is a widespread but unproven health trend popularized by the “medical medium” (not a doctor, no formal medical training) often featured on Goop. The next hydration trend might be even more confounding: water. Someone sent me a link to a water “cookbook” (for lack of a better word, there’s no cooking involved). It’s literally water recipes, like add crystals to your water and add herbs to your water. (It’s not called “The Thirst is Real,” but it should be.)


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Kate Mara and Jamie Bell had a baby – here are the feet. A baby is always cause for celebration and it might be a double celebration for the Mara sisters. Rooney has been spotted wearing a ring, but she and Joaquin are probably too private to confirm it even if they do get married. Kate has posted a photo of her sister before – if she can get a shot of the two of them, I would be highly impressed. Do you think she ever shows Joaquin her Instagram? He probably pretends not to be into it but really is. Deep down, everyone is a creeper. 


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