Swifties are claiming a partial victory for the AMAs, but there’s still the Netflix documentary. And Shawn Mendes is a target now, too – not because he has anything to do with Taylor Swift’s master recordings, but because he was on John Mayer’s Instastories talk show, “Current Mood with John Mayer". It’s filmed on iPhones and is, obviously, irreverent. John and Shawn are tight. So the part that is being picked up by the headlines and Swifties is John talking about the “Lover” remix featuring Shawn Mendes. John says, several times, that he likes the song and he likes the remix. Then he jokingly talks about the Lover line, “we can leave the Christmas lights up until January.” He says, “you’re insane” because everyone leaves the Christmas lights up until January. Then he performs a verse about taking lights down and storing them in the attic until next year. Shawn looked slightly nervous throughout the whole thing, it’s like you can see the ticker tape running through his mind about what the Swifties are going to do to his mentions. He wasn’t wrong: #shawnmendesiscancelled was trending worldwide last night, a combination of Swifties and getting tangled in with K-pop (it’s the hashtag equivalent of a game of telephone). Swifties are calling John Mayer abusive (?!) for mentioning Taylor – an absolute gross jump to make. And it’s giving him so much power; the idea that Taylor should or does care about what John Mayer thinks about one line in her song (that has been a bigger hit than he’s had in years!) should be embarrassing. She shouldn’t even clock John Mayer. But now the overreaching story is that Shawn is ungrateful.

This is, of course, a predictable narrative because it is the one Taylor has laid out. She sent her fanbase after Scooter Braun’s artists and called on them to defend her because she told them she felt helpless. So now they see themselves as even more necessary to professional and personal wellbeing. They are her defenders, at any cost! Anyone who isn’t publicly stumping for Taylor is an enemy. 


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Jared Leto would eat a Gucci egg.

Ugh, tough week for Elizabeth Banks. But am I crazy to think this will do really well on streaming and VOD? 

Did you watch the Sara Lee Desserts skit on SNL? It worked so well. And I can’t believe Sara Lee is not taking advantage of all of this free publicity.

They haven’t tweeted since 2017! On their Instagram posts, there are several comments about the skit that they are ignoring. They need to engage with eggplant emoji.


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Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson haven’t posted together in a couple of weeks so there’s speculation that they broke up. The social media break probably has more to do with her vocal cord surgery than a split


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Blake Lively has wiped her Instagram, again, to promote a movie. How many times can this be done until it’s, like, done. 


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Thanks to some TBTs, January Jones is now a mullet influencer (which I predicted a mere 5 days ago). Could the spikey shag be the new “haircut of Instagram?” And what happened to the last haircut, the curly bangs look? Did everyone grow their hair out and not talk about it? (Also if January and Olivia Coleman are really doing a Prada campaign, I want to see it. Olivia wore Prada when she won her Oscar and to the premiere of The Crown.)


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