Our site manager Emily sent me a story on Friday: “No one recognized Rita Ora on The Voice in Germany.” The more succinct and evergreen headline is, “No one recognized Rita Ora.” This is her below by the way.


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Call Me By Your Name meets the “guy talking on the phone” meme. And oh my lord Armie Hammer. 


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Remember when Vanity Fair was reportedly working on a “takedown” of Gwyneth Paltrow? She and Graydon eventually made up, and now she’s on the VF podcast, just as he’s about to retire. Under new tutelage, will we get a goop cover? She is part of the Conde Nast family.


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Lea Michele told Chelsea Handler she would be up for a Glee reboot. I’m not sure if she wanted to seem pleasant and grateful the experience, but she should never go back. It was cursed the first time around.


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What kind of candy do you think the Stranger Things kids were eating?


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The first trailer for Cocaine Godmother has been released and, um…. it definitely has the look and feel of a Lifetime movie. What exactly is going on with Catherine Zeta-Jones’s accent?

I definitely wouldn’t recommend scrolling Roseanne Barr’s Twitter, but with the reboot happening, I wonder what, if any, political affiliation Roseanne Conner will have. White, lower-class (if they ignore the last season), living in Lanford, Illinois – is Dan’s baseball cap going to be replaced with a red hat?

Rachel Bilson’s next job is an “upbeat procedural” in which she plays Ella, the former star of a cop shop fresh out of rehab.  To get back her job, she shadows a “rough and tumble” private detective. I don’t hate this. The only problem is that it also stars Eddie Cibrian, and does he ever get past 4-5 episodes? His ex-wife’s fans taunt him and LeAnn by calling it the “Cibrian curse.”


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A little while back I wrote about Naomi Watts’s style and if she was working towards more fashion-forward options (rather than the usual gowns). I love this on her. It’s elegant and delicate, but is still unique because of the details on the chest. It reminded me of one of Nicole’s recent looks (Lainey wrote about it here). The structure is similar. (Both are Dior.)


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