Chrissy Teigen is mad at Buzzfeed because they wrote about her Squid Game party based on tweets that said that a millionaire having this kind of theme party is tone deaf (see also: Kylie Jenner’s Handmaid's Tale party). Instead of hitting it head on, she posted multiple Instagram stories that criticized Buzzfeed’s editorial standards and tweeted they should pay their employees more. But by complaining about Buzzfeed, she’s not hurting the executive team. Why even pretend to pretend care about how much those writers are paid when she’s really just mad about the negative coverage? 


The comrade Chrissy, fake-concern trolling is much grosser than the party theme. She’s claiming solidarity over their wages because she’s mad, not because she gives a sh-t. And while doing it, she’s opening those same writers up to abuse while pretending to care about their material well-being. Five years ago, this would have been a “yasss Queen” high-five moment, but now it comes off as hypocritical and petty. That’s the consequence of her reputation. And the criticism about Amazon ads… like what? She partnered with Kris Jenner on a cleaning line sold at Target! (And they would have been happy to sell on Amazon, trust me.) She can move through social media however she wants, but for someone who is so concerned about being loved by everyone, she’s coming off as bratty asshole. It would be one thing if she didn’t care about that, but she does care— so much. More than any celebrity out there, she cares, which may be why she has such a hard time controlling her impulses on Instagram and Twitter. 


Another look by Jurnee Smollet, an incredible Dior couture dress from 2018. She and her team have been killing it lately, a lot of high glamour styling. Vogue covered her that evening and this makes me think she might have something in the works with Dior? But the next night she was in Louis Vuitton in an unreal blouse, so hopefully she’s keeping her options open. Sticking to one design house can limit actresses’ options.


The Rock’s Sunday night cheat meals are a Sunday night standard but I want to discuss his fry choice here because those look like steak cut. If I’m eating fries as a treat, I’m not going for steak cut. My first choice would be McDonald’s fries, piping hot and salty, any my next choice would be a crinkle-cut fry. If I can’t have either of those then I’m asking for onion rings or a tater tot. Don’t even mention a shoestring fry to me. Offensive. Truffle fries? Disgusting. And please serve with grocery store ketchup, not homemade artisanal ketchup. I want to squeeze the good stuff out of a bottle. 


Camila Cabello has changed her hair, which is a standard post-breakup move. She also hasn’t deleted photos of Shawn Mendes, which is the solid way to go for all celebrities. All deleting photos does is show you are pressed by it. This doesn’t seem like a messy split and that would only draw more attention to the “why” of the breakup. But the why isn’t really a mystery. They are in their mid-20s, beautiful and famous, and spent a pandemic together, so moving on after a couple of years seems like a natural shift in their lives.