No recount required.

I don’t know how else to say this so here goes: Baby Spice once barfed in Scary Spice’s mouth.  It wasn’t a direct hit, but blowback in a moving car. Sorry if I ruined your lunch. 


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Melanie Griffith thinks Tony Robbins doing the sugar rush toddler shuffle is sexy. OK. Is that "Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)" playing? Very specific hype song. 


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Buddy Garrity needing a +3 and Riggins showing up alone is actually incredibly accurate. Coach Taylor would never go to a comedy show. Can you imagine?


See ya tonight Dallas. Guestlist full but some tickets avail at

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Speaking of Riggins, I had to read this caption three times to figure out what Taylor Kitsch is talking about  - the movie Savages. That was such a sh-t movie. But was it bad enough to be good? I’d have to rewatch to decide. 


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I watched Camping this week because Busy Philipps, Nicole Richie and Hari Nef (pictured below) were in an episode, playing pretentious glampers. They were all great. But the show is not great and not at all what you would expect from HBO, quality wise. And maybe because I’m watching it knowing that Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham have ended their creative partnership (which Lainey and Duana talked about extensively on Show Your Work), but the show feels disjointed, like it’s struggling to be something. On a pettier note, Lena and Jenni don’t follow one another on Instagram anymore. Hmm. 


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Jason Mantzoukas is getting hotter in every way  – Vulture has anointed him a “national treasure”. Sarah has been trying to tell us this for a very long time. 


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Wait, Cookie Monster has a wife? And a real name? I don’t know about this. 


Blake Shelton definitely sneaks a pumpkin spice latte here and there.


‪My god I love fall... And @SmithworksVodka.. And the girl in those checkered shoes.. ‬

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Ariana Grande is not here for your couple hashtags or “I said yes!” Instagram posts. Don’t even try her with your matching bachelorette party tank tops.