In a story that feels like it was specifically written for me, GQ’s Fergal Kinney asks the eternal question: Will Oasis ever get back together? There’s the signs (like a big anniversary and a shift in personal relationships – Noel and his wife have split), but my gut is telling me no, because what’s an anniversary to them? If they didn’t reunite for the Manchester concert after a terrorist attack, I feel like maybe it really is a lost cause on an emotional level. But Kinney’s reporting digs into the business side and I think that is interesting. 


Imagine after all these years and all these tears what actually gets them back together is a contract between their management teams?


This morning Lainey wrote about the iffy rumours that Taylor Kelce’s family is “concerned” about his relationship with Taylor Swift and following reports from that Selena Gomez (and maybe the Haim sisters? I’m not digging the article up) are concerned and now, apparently, so is Gigi Hadid. Usually the volume of “concerned” stories would give me something to consider but this sourcing on this seems extremely weak sauce. Taylor keeps a tight circle – no one is running to US Weekly or Page Six with tidbits about her, especially her A-list friends. This US Weekly story says that Gigi hasn’t attended a game because she doesn’t like the way Taylor is behaving and “She feels like Taylor is doing too much, too soon.” Or maybe she hasn’t had time to attend a football game? The other possibility here is that it feels like these sources are using this relationship as a cover to target Taylor through her friendships. We know men come and go but many of these women (particularly Gigi, Selena and Blake) are long-time friends. A breakup with one of them would be pretty significant and, because it’s Taylor, lead to a ton of speculation and headlines. Is that what these sources really want – friendship drama?


This is an interesting crossover – Brittany Mahomes and family for SKIMS, which has been on an athletes-as-models streak. Could Brittany be the bridge between Taylor and Kim? That’s a very, very fine line to walk. Her last two posts are with Taylor and for SKIMS. I stan.




Hot off a very successful Netflix documentary, David Beckham has signed on with Nespresso. That’s been George Clooney’s territory for a while and while I don’t think it’s an either/or situation, David does have one advantage over Clooney when it comes to promotion: social media.


Katy Perry has a lot of house drama – remember when she tried to buy a convent? Well her latest lawsuit is about a different house in which the previous owner reneged on the deal. It went to court and the judge ruled decisively in her favour. There’s still a countersuit and Katy is expected to testify. Do you think she’s planning her courtroom looks?