Do you know Kirby Howell-Baptiste? She is on Barry, Killing Eve, and The Good Place. Three really, really great shows. And she makes them better because she is delightful. So if you don’t know her, you will soon, because Vanity Fair or The Cut or Vulture must be working on a profile of her.


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In honour of goop’s 10th anniversary, GP’s staff has been reading her early emails aloud to her. I give GP some credit here – I would die if someone asked me to sit in a chair and read back my writing from 10 years ago. But GP is a good sport. This one is particularly interesting because it involves Madonna and it seems like the goop staffer reading (her name is Kim, Chief Revenue Officer) has no idea about the history there. Because when she reads Madonna’s name, she breaks out into a screech and says, “Namedropper!”, and G smiles and says “boom” like a mic drop.


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Yesterday I posted about This Is Us and the response has been heartwarming. You all hate Toby. Deeply and truly dislike the man (the character of course, not the actor). The feedback I received was passionate and universal. In these trying times it’s nice that we can come together and agree on one thing: Toby is annoying as f-ck. 


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All you need to complete this outfit is a slimming tummy tea. 

Lea Michele was part of the spring/summer run of engagements, but it didn’t have the same impact as the others because her fiancé isn’t famous. How much do you think we will see of this wedding? I’m guessing all of it in somewhere traditional, like PEOPLE. 


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Jenna Dewan is leaving her position as the host of World of Dance (she will still show up to mentor). She cites scheduling conflicts, which I believe – and it’s a good thing. It is not easy to be a working actor divorcing an A-lister; it can be a huge disadvantage because you don’t want to be forever known as so-and-so’s ex-wife. Jenna has made all the right moves, focusing on a message of positivity and independence. And she’s been working on TV (The Resident), her YouTube channel, a clothing collaboration with Danskin and a rom-com (The Wedding Year). She doesn’t have Channing’s name recognition, but one hit can change that (like Magic Mike did for him). 


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Game of Thrones wrapped in the summer, right? But some of the cast (like Kit Harrington) had to keep their hair the same until they received clearance to cut it. So does this mean Emilia Clarke is officially and forever done as Khaleesi? 


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I ask you, who else but Tracee could pull off this outfit – head to toe shades of green? Maybe Rihanna. That’s all I got. 


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