If Axl Rose shows up at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, the preferred spot for C-list celebs to do their casual (but totally pre-planned) pap photoshoots, it would probably be iconic.

A little more on Guns N’ Roses: Amber Rose has named her newborn son Slash Electric. The reference is obvious as there is only one Slash (government name: Saul Hudson) and she is a huge fan. It’s a very deliberate choice, like naming a child Madonna or Elvis. There is no mistaking the meaning behind it.


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Laura Dern would obviously never say “I will not not be rich” - that is Renata Klein quote. Would Renata read Town & Country? I feel like she was too nouveau riche and would spend her time on Fast Company and Adweek, with maybe an Architectural Digest worked in. (Also please note the Nepotism: A User’s Guide headline. Extremely on-brand for T&C.)


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The Rock posted a Coolest Dad story, which reminded me that there have been quiet rumblings for a couple of months about his oldest daughter, Simone. She didn’t attend his wedding. She also posted an IG story of a Maleficent meme about not being invited and was liking comments that inferred the same thing. She then unliked them.

The Rock likes to keep his business positive and private and very controlled – that doesn’t exactly work when parenting an independent 18-year-old. This situation is probably harder than bench-pressing 1000 pounds with his scrotum or whatever he does in the gym.


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Lainey wrote about Selena Gomez’s new song and Hailey’s IG story this morning (catch up here). Since then (it’s only been like 20 minutes, these kids move fast), Hailey denied it on IG, then shut down her comments so the denial is gone. As I write this, you can only see comments from people Hailey follows. Earlier this month, Lainey wrote about Hailey posting a video of Justin imitating Taylor Swift. She wrote: By now, these people KNOW. They know exactly how social media works, how fans react, how the media reacts – at this point, they can’t claim to not understand that this would be the result, that no one would notice, that no one would have feelings about it. So to put something like that out there and then be all like, hey, hey, chill out, is a troll move on top of what was already a troll move. That is what is happening, again. And let’s not forget the major supporting players: of course Taylor has already supported Selena. That is the one friend she goes to the mat for, every single time.



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