Seth Rogen becoming a pottery influencer is not a lifestyle pivot we could have predicted. 


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“Sort of arrested… then not arrested” is exactly what I’m hoping for when I read a Courtney Love anecdote. 


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James Murdoch was at the Vanity Fair Establishment Summit where he spoke about government regulations and oversight that probably peeved off daddy Rupert. There was a moment when he was asked about Fleabag (he’s on the second season) and there was a reference to Succession, which is heavily influenced by the Murdoch family dynamics.

I don’t know if James watches the show (nor do I care that much) but I am dying to know if his ex-stepmother Wendi Deng does. Is Marcia supposed to be Wendi? It seemed that way in season one with the talk of changing the trust, but after season 2 I don’t know. 


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“Barbra Streisand may well have saved America!” is the headline here but I’m shallow and a bit of a dumdum so I’m focused on her look – 1971. Everything about it is simple, from the gown to the hair, probably because it was a serious fundraiser. But still, she is so glamorous. She can’t help it. 


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Is this the name of her next album? To go with The Fame Monster? I don’t know. But no one was expecting Amanda Knox to show up. 


I just got an alert that Kanye’s Jesus Is King has dropped. Yesterday there was an interview with Ye and Zayn Lowe and it was pretty much what we’ve come to expect from a Kanye interview, which is why it hasn’t grabbed headlines like his previous antics. Kanye has exhausted being incendiary, and people are generally exhausted from the news. That doesn’t leave him in a good spot to hustle as he and his family usually do. It’s tired, everyone is tired.


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