This morning, Lainey mentioned wrote about the Fosters and the Sussexes having dinner together on the heels of Katharine’s pregnancy announcement. Katharine hasn’t posted on Twitter since September 16 or on Instagram since September 23 and I don’t think it has anything to do with privacy. She has a large LGBTQIA+ following and in September someone discovered, through public records, that she donates to GOP campaigns. The disconnect and disappointment comes from the fact that she actively courts a gay fanbase (she would often respond to fans, post memes etc) in public while privately donating to an institution that wants to strip their rights. She went from name-searching herself to turning off comments real quick. 


Michael Imperioli is in the Instagram comments section asking people to vote Biden/Harris – if you follow Michael, this is no surprise. But it got me thinking (however pointless) about how Tony Soprano would vote. Not James Gandolfini the real person, but Tony. On the one hand, I think being a crook is not exactly a negative to Tony, but on the other, he handled attention-seeking blowhards (like Ralph Cifaretto) . More important, Tony was an animal lover and #45 is the first president in over a century not to have a dog. 

Mindy Kaling’s October surprise is baby Spencer (who was actually born in September). Looking back, she did have some clever cover-ups. 


Kirsten Dunst’s On Being A God In Central Florida got the GLOW treatment, meaning season two is not going ahead. This was one of the weirdest, most creative and interesting shows I’ve watched in years and I’m disappointed for Kiki. 

I wonder how the Jason Mantzoukas catfish couple is doing. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced the wife was messing with her husband. Are they in quarantine? Was the plot revealed? I would very much like an update (which sometimes the original poster comes back to do.) Also, as one commenter pointed out, this has the potential to end like Escape (the Piña Colada song) which is about a couple mutually scrolling through personal ads looking for a random hook-up. Does Jason Mantzoukas like getting caught in the rain?


An extremely rare Rachel McAdams sighting on Instagram via Lindsey Lohan???? Yes, it’s true, somehow Katie Couric got the cast to reunite and do the three-way call scene with the four stars. The link in bio directs to Katie Couric’s newsletter and this is the second time she’s gotten them together on social media; these four plus Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, Lizzy Caplan, Jonathan Bennet, Daniel Franzese, Rajiv Surendra, and Ana Gasteyer reunited for Mean Girls Day on October 3. Does Katie have a direct line to Tina Fey’s bat phone or something? And who talked Rachel McAdams into it considering she’s pregnant and likes to keep her business locked down? 

This morning Lainey reminded me of a very important anniversary: it has been one year since “……….” ignited the Wagatha Christie battle that is still raging. Sides have been chosen, lawsuits have been filed and legal teams have been assembled. Neither side is backing down. How much drama is going down in the WAG group texts if this is what we see publicly? Just a peek would sustain the UK tabloids for months.