I love how the Fast & Furious franchise is nothing but drama for The Rock. Earlier this week, he posted a story about signing a deal and if you follow The Rock, you know this is a pretty regular thing. His brand is heavily tied to his work ethic. But Tyrese saw the post and got all in his feelings about a possible Fast & Furious Hobbs spin-off. The first post was a comment, the second was a response to all of the dragging he received. I think we can file this under, “Hit me back, your biggest fan, this is Stan.”


#tyrese just wants #therock to hear him šŸ˜‚

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#Tyrese is still trying to get #DwayneJohnson to hear him out but it looks like Dwayne still has him on read šŸ‘€

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Jennifer Garner has co-founded a cold-pressed organic baby food company. This makes sense on every level. Meanwhile, Ben might be planning to move 3,000 miles from his young children.

If your brother was dating a cast member of Game of Thrones, how hard would you try to grill her for spoilers?


These two asked for a pic. What great guys. #fanlove

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Kate Hudson is in trouble with some moms because she said the laziest thing she’s ever done is have a C-section. I don’t get why people are mad – she was talking about herself, not other women. Maybe she does legitimately feel that way about her situation?



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Sienna Miller posted a bunch of photos but has now deleted them and she’s down to just her original post. Why?


Hello World Wide Web. #givenin #peerpressure #luddite šŸ™ƒ

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Actually the “shocking” part is that Adam Sandler still gets to make his sh-t movies.

Yesterday I posted Armie Hammer’s response to James Woods talking some nonsense about his movie (which I’m guessing he hasn’t and will not see). So then everyone decided to commiserate about how much they hate James Woods. Finally, some unity.