From a very public engagement to a private wedding (which there’s been a few of over the last year and a half): Uzo Aduba got married in 2020 to Robert Sweeting. It’s a selfie and that’s it – will she show us the dress?


The beads were a moment and honestly she could have showed up in this last night and fit right in, from the shoes to the sunglasses to the thong strap. That’s the fun of the MTV Awards – it’s not the Oscars or the Met Gala. 


Remember dresses-over-pants? It might be a cringe fashion memory for some people but I think it’s coming back. (Exhibit A: Kristen Stewart in Chanel at the Spencer premiere.) Rita Ora is not in a dress here but some kind of sheer overlay and honestly? I’m into it, particularly the mix of sheer top and wide leg pants. It’s a bit confusing and very planned (this is not an outfit you throw together at the last minute) and I can appreciate the effort for a street style look. 


Gwyneth Paltrow posted two big birthday announcements and we know GP will do it right. It’s about manners. (Also, the social media cold freeze between her and Jessica Seinfeld is definitely over. Did they reconcile in the Hamptons this summer?)


Beyoncé and family are celebrating her birthday in Positano and while we know Bey keeps things tight, Ms. Tina is a social media treasure trove (I think she even posted and deleted a photo with Solange). She’s probably the only one who doesn’t have to ask permission from Parkwood to do what she wants with her camera roll. Who’s going to tell her no??? (Lainey: also, this means Everyone’s In New York except for the Queen.)