Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett getting into a physical altercation at a pre-Emmys party; Billy Eichner and Patton Oswalt offered post-brawl commentary. Roma Downey (Mark’s wife) claims her hand was bruised in the melee (see below: is Patton making a “touched by an angel joke” or is it just a coincidence?). And since Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is real; he witnessed the whole thing. 2018 is totally normal. 



In response to a fan, Chris Evans said he would not do SNL, which made me think of Leo, because Lainey always rags on him for never doing it. But I did a quick search and so many A-listers haven’t: Brad, Angelina, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Denzel, Sandra Bullock. Clooney has hosted once, in his ER days. Out of all these people, I’m most surprised about Will. It seems like something he’d be so into. 

I never took John Legend as someone to overshadow his wife’s big announcement. He has an EGOT, can’t he let her have one day?!


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Jeremy Renner would like to spread awareness about hashtag girl power. 


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As Kathleen has pointed out, the Queer Eye cast is the hottest friend commodity in Hollywood right now. Who will get to them first – Taylor Swift or Gwyneth Paltrow? Because Taylor is on tour, I think G has the upper hand. She can invite them over for brunch.


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Speaking of G, US Weekly has an excerpt form Lily Allen’s new book, in which she writes about G and Chris Martin. Here’s what I gleaned from the 2014 anecdote: Both G and Chris seem genuine in their request for help. But I need to read the book because there are some details that could be filled in, like if she was knocked out cold, what happened to Orlando Bloom? (Read it and you will know why I’m asking)


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Maybe they were discussing a “Threat Level Midnight” sequel. 


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