Gigi Hadid is friends with Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski. If you follow either of their accounts, this isn’t a surprise. She also hangs with Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness, two superior members of the Top Five in my opinion. Between Jonathan being friends with Emma Stone and Justin Theroux and now Antoni and Gigi, are the Queer Eye guys the new hot friend commodities in Hollywood? 
I know they are all actual human beings and not products to be collected but this is how famous people work. I sobbed through every episode of Queer Eye wishing these men would fix my life or just be my friends, then I went back to watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (this was pre-Peter Kavinsky of course). For Gigi and other members of the Hollywood elite, she can just get a friend to FaceTime Tan and invite him over on a whim– that’s literally how they met. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Queer Eye photo op with the ultimate friend collector Taylor Swift yet.

If I had to choose a Queer Eye guy to go to brunch with, Antoni would not be at the top of my list. Antoni is a divisive Queer Eye cast member. I actually like Antoni more than the people who claimed he couldn’t cook because all he makes are sandwiches and sad salads but I still think he would be an insufferable brunch date. There are more things on the menu than just avocadoes, Antoni! 
My Fab Five Top Five goes like this:

Bobby *I feel bad for this because he really shined in the Mama Tammye episode and his job is totally the hardest but overall, Bobby is the least dynamic. 
Antoni only slid in there over Bobby because a) he is handsome and charming as hell and b) when he cries, I cry. Otherwise, I think he’s pretty useless – on the show that is! I’m sure he’s a great person! And he’s Canadian so that helps. 
As for Gigi’s brunch attire, everything is cute until the shoes. Heels should never be worn at brunch unless you are doing a walk of shame. If this were an episode of Queer Eye, those would be Tan’s parting words.